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Dom Perignon Rose (Luminated label) 75cl / 12.5% Vol.
Dom Perignon Rose (Luminated label) 75cl / 12.5% Vol.
Dom Perignon Rose (Luminated label) 75cl / 12.5% Vol.
Dom Perignon Rose (Luminated label) 75cl / 12.5% Vol.
Dom Perignon Rose (Luminated label) 75cl / 12.5% Vol.
Dom Perignon Rose (Luminated label) 75cl / 12.5% Vol.

Dom Perignon Rose (Luminated label) 75cl / 12.5% Vol.

Dom Perignon Rose (Luminated label) 75cl / 12.5% Vol.

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Dom Pérignon has a creative ambition: the quest for harmony as a source of emotion. All creative processes have their limitations. For Dom Pérignon, it’s the vintage - an absolute commitment to representing the character of the harvest for a single year, whatever challenges it brings, even going as far as not declaring a vintage.


Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2006 comes from the harvest of a warm, dry year marked by contrasts: the intensely hot July, the cool, damp august, and the heat of September. The vintage was saved by this last heatwave.


On the Nose: The bouquet is mesmerizing, ripe, and deep. The opening notes are a blend of dark spicy notes and cocoa which develop very quickly into fruit aromas. Fruit reigns supreme, with roasted fig and apricot and candied orange. The overall effect exudes smoky accents.

On the Palate: The fullness of this wine is immediately striking. Its intensity and succulence set the tone through the sweetness and crispness of the flavors. The silky mouthfeel melts into a smooth, tight, and grainy structure with just a hint of vegetable flavors. This wine expresses an appealing brininess and saline character.


Rosé Vintage 2006 demands a simple cuisine, modest, pure, authentic, a traditional cuisine from southern Europe, originating from Italy, Spain or France. One can play on mellow and rich textures which the wine integrates perfectly. Rosé Vintage 2006 responds to propensities and contrasts, dishes with strong personalities reveal the form of exuberance which characterizes the vintage.

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